Better Business

Better Business was set up to help Bristol’s businesses meet, collaborate and drive positive change in the local area.

Since starting in 2018, over 100 businesses have joined the initiative, from small restaurants and breweries to leading law firms and universities.

Want to find out more? Simply fill in this form or email [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch.

During that time, Better Business has evolved into more than a membership programme. It’s become a trusted peer network during difficult times and an invaluable vote of confidence in our own reporting and work.

Without this support, Bristol24/7 couldn’t make the same impact. Our members keep our journalism independent and open to all, and help us to continue running life-changing projects in the community.

Why join Better Business?

Better Business isn’t just your chance to give back to the community. It’s an opportunity to shine a light on the work you’re doing and reach a wider audience across the city.

With Better Business, you’ll benefit from a local platform like no other. This includes promotion across Bristol24/7’s website and social channels, as well as exclusive access to business events and our quarterly members meeting.

There are also plenty of perks to help your staff make the most of Bristol’s brilliant food, art and culture scene.

Learn about the benefits:

  1. Support a positive impact in the city
  2. Promote your business to Bristol24/7’s audience
  3. Meet and collaborate with local businesses
  4. Enjoy exclusive perks for employees each month

Want to find out more? Simply fill in this form or email [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch.