If you have a question that has not been answered here get in touch with us at [email protected] or check out our terms and conditions, which you agreed to when you signed up. We will continue to update this section with Q&A based on what you ask us.


Everything you need to know about your Bristol24/7 membership.

  • I have signed up for a free community membership, can I become a paid supporter?

    Yes, you can change your membership level or any details of your membership on your account homepage by simply clicking the subscriptions tab or by following this link: https://my.bristol247.com/account/?action=subscriptions

  • I have signed up as a community member, can I claim perks?

    Perks are only available to redeem by paid supporters of Bristol24/7. Member only competitions will also only be available to paid members of Bristol24/7, including both annual and monthly subscribers. As a community member you will be able to see what perks are available. If you want to redeem this perk simply click claim and you will be prompted to upgrade your subscription to a paid membership.

  • How is Better Business membership different to supporter membership?

    Better Business membership is for businesses and organisations rather than the public. Staff of businesses signed up to Better Business will benefit from membership themselves and get all the benefits of the supporter membership.

    Some perks will be available to Better Business staff and not supporter members. You can find out more about becoming a business member here: https://www.bristol247.com/betterbusiness

  • I signed up to help shape a Better Bristol - what does this mean?

    Bristol24/7 is a community interest company. We reinvest revenue into supporting the local community and furthering our mission. We also want to engage with people and businesses who want to help us shape a better Bristol.

    Many of you have already engaged with us to tell us what your priorities are through our events and surveys and we want that process to continue. By becoming a member we will keep you updated on our plans, projects and collaborations. We'll also be asking for your opinions and to see if you'd like to get involved in some of our Better Bristol initiatives.

  • What happens to my financial contribution to Bristol24/7?

    If you sign up to become a supporter member or business member of Bristol24/7 you will make a financial contribution to us. This contribution will be used to support our operations, including delivering social and environmental impact projects (Better Bristol) and providing independent journalism. You can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

  • Will my membership automatically renew?

    If you have signed up to a monthly subscription you have agreed to pay on a rolling monthly basis. If you have signed up to an annual subscription this will automatically renew on an annual basis. Your contribution will be deemed accepted when we provide you with written confirmation (email) and your membership will start when we send you this email.

    Recurring contribution amounts can only be changed by cancelling or changing your membership level. Your recurring contribution will continue unless or until it's ended by either yourself or Bristol24/7.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You can pause or cancel your membership at any time by going to your account homepage and clicking on the subscriptions tab here: https://my.bristol247.com/account/?action=subscriptions

    Here you will see all the details regarding your subscription, including pausing your account and cancelling. If you pause your account you will easily be able to resume it again at any time simply by clicking the resume button in the same place. To cancel click the cancel button. This will downgrade your membership to Community Member which is free.
    You will still have a login for Bristol24/7 so you will still get access to your saved articles but you will not get access to other perks such as discounts or events.


As a member you get access to exclusive discounts across the city, here's how they work.

  • How do I redeem a perk?

    Simply visit the perks page, find the perk you're interested in and click the claim perk button. If you want to know more about the perk before you claim click the read more button and then click claim. Once you have claimed a perk you will be sent an email with your unique reference code. Unless otherwise stated, display this email at the venue upon arrival and they will complete the redemption process.

  • How is Bristol24/7 involved with these businesses?

    The businesses that provide perks to members of Bristol24/7 are classed as Friends of Better Bristol. This means they are supporting the initiative by offering perks to Bristol24/7 members. In some cases the businesses offering perks are also members of Better Business, which means they are involved in shaping the Better Bristol initiative through the network. Bristol24/7 is the platform for accessing these perks. The businesses are fully responsible for any perk they provide, as outlined in the terms and conditions.

  • Can I use a printed copy of my perk email to claim my perk?

    You will need to show your perk email on a phone or laptop so that the venue can log this perk as redeemed by clicking a link in your perk email and putting in a unique code. This helps us to ensure that the perks are only redeemed by paying members and that where there are limits on the number that can be redeemed these are logged in the system.

  • Can I share the perks with my friends and family?

    The terms and conditions for each perk may be slightly different, but many of them you can share with friends or family. For example, if you redeem a family ticket to an attraction this ticket may be for up to four people. You may also get access to a percentage off your total food bill, which could include food bought for you and others (this is completely at the discretion of the business providing the perk). However, some perks are for you to enjoy.